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Your money, data and reputation are at risk. When cyber-criminals target your business, you can lose everything. Let our team of experts help keep your business safe.


Almost every day you hear about another company falling victim to Cyber attack, with criminals stealing companies’ vital business records, sensitive customer information, and money from their accounts. With the average successful intrusion costing over $15.4 million dollars, going undetected for over 8 months, and your company’s reputation at stake, can your organization afford to cut corners on security?
Shinobi IT uses both offensive and defensive security techniques to test and strengthen the security of your business. We use the same tools and tactics as cyber-criminals, replicating common attack patterns in order to assess your organization. On the defensive side, we analyze and assess your infrastructure, personnel, policy and procedure to minimize attack surface and maximize security.

Security Audits

Shinobi IT's security team is available for a wide range of IT security audits including network topology and vulnerability assessments, physical security assessments, penetration testing, social engineering, WiFi security assessment, red team services, intrustion response policy, and disaster recovery / business continuity planning.

Intrusion Mitigation

In the event that your business is compromised, Shinobi IT's team can help to restore normal services, secure your data and infrastructure, and find out how the attacker was able to gain access. Once our assessment is completed, we will work with you to keep improve your security and keep moving forward.

Vulnerability Scans

Most regulatory compliance models require annual security audits and quarterly vulnerability scans in order to stay compliant. Our vulnerability scan tests every device on your network, looking at the open ports attackers use to gain access. We then compare the services running on those ports to a regularly updated database containing tens-of-thousands of known vulnerabilities. The results are exported and provided to you in an easy to read report, providing you with real metrics to track your security progress.

Compliance Audits

Shinobi IT's experts are available to help your business with regulatory compliance and IT security governance standards including NIST 800-171, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 9001, SSAE 16

Security Services for MSPs

As a managed service provider, you're passionate about giving your clients the best support possible. As a result, your team has to be able to do a lot of different things well but attracting security-specific talent can be difficult. Customers, especially customers who are required to maintain regulatory standards compliance such as HIPAA and PCI DSS, expect you to keep them safe from cyber attack. Shinobi IT is your security partner. We work with both you and the client to audit and assess the client's virtual and physical security posture as well as regulatory compliance and IT security best practices adherence. Once our audit is completed, we build a compliance roadmap that allows you and the client to move forward with projects that will secure their infrastructure. Our team of expert engineers are available to assist your team with high level network and security improvements. Our flat-rate security audit packages make it simple for you to get the most out of this program.


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